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Getting Paid

Now you can see whether your uploaded items are selling well and request cash out the earned ZEM from the sale of your items.

  • Item Sales Report
  • Request Payment



Item Sales Report


You can check the sales statistics of the items you have currently uploaded in the Sales menu of ZEPETO Studio. The Sales report will help you build a strategy for maximizing revenue when creating items.

The report consists of a chart that shows the trend of all items you are selling and a table showing detailed sales status for each item.



  • Units : Total quantity of all items sold during the set period
  • Sales : Total revenue of all items sold during the set period


  • Items: Items with at least one sale during the set period
  • Price:  The sale price of the item
  • Units Sold : The quantity of this item sold during the set period
  • Sales(ZEM) : The revenue of this item sold during the set period



Request Payment


You can request a cash out the earned ZEM from the sale of your item in the Payments menu of ZEPETO Studio.

Cash Out can be requested only once in the same month, and the Cash Out button will be activated when the item sales balance is over 5,000ZEM.


Cash Out process is as follows:

1. Click Request Payment button on the Payment screen.



2. If you have not entered personal payment information in the Settings > Payment Info menu, the following confirmation request popup will be displayed. Click the Confirm info button on the popup.


3. Enter personal information related to your payment and click Save button. Depending on your country of residence, the payment information required may vary. Users from countries other than Korea must have their own active Paypal account.


4. Return to the Payment menu and click the Request Payment button to go to the payment request screen. Check the automatically printed payment information and click the Request Payment button once more to complete the payment request.


5. We will review your payment eligibility.

6. Your payment request will be approved or rejected depending on the result of the review.