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Creating Your Item - 3D Modelers (2)

Item Creation Guide for 3D Modelers - Modeling & UV map work

Creating Your Item - 3D Modelers (1)


Welcome to ZEPETO Studio, the creation platform for virtual assets of ZEPETO.

We'll talk about:



3D Modeling


The following is a guide you should be aware of while handling modeling work.

If you are a 2D graphic designer, you can upload items by changing only the texture graphics in the template without modeling and rigging work. Please refer here.


[Required] Maya Outliner structure and naming rules of FBX file

  1. Modeling (Costume)
    • Assign the name below according to the category of the item you want to create.
      • Dress = DR
      • Top = TOP
      • Bottoms and Skirts = BTM
      • Footwear = SH
  2. Mask base (3D mask to be applied to BaseBody)
    • The role of removing unnecessary meshes in the body that are hidden by the costume modeling
  3. Joint (Mecanim joint)
    • 3D frame
  4. Mask and joint are provided without modeling.


[Required] Poly Count

When you start modeling work, pay attention not to exceed the maximum number of Polygon for each category.

  1. Dress (DR)
    • Max 9,000 Polygon
  2. Top (TOP) / Outwear (OTR)
    • Max 5,000 Polygon
  3. Pants (BTM)
    • Max 4,000 Polygon
  4. Footwear (SH)
    • Max 4,000 Polygon
  5. Headwear (HEADWEAR)
    • Max 4,000 Polygon
  6. Nail (NAIL) / Gloves (GLOVE)
    • Max 4,000 Polygon
  7. Bags (BAG)
    • Max 3,500 Polygon



Tips for modeling work


Top and bottom compatibility guide

  • Make sure that the Top and Pants outlines of the set items do not overlap.
  • The guide dummy for creating set items is provided.
  • Please use the guide dummy to prevent Bottom volume from sticking out of the Top.


  • The guide dummy should be in an A pose when modeling clothes.
  • Pay attention to the wire flow in the shoulder joint area.
  • The most issues occur in the shoulders of characters when making costumes. Please refer to the image below.


Joint area

  • 3 wires are used in the joint area for natural movement.
  • Please place the guide dummy in A pose and model the costume.


  • Please pay attention to the flow of the shoulder joint wire and model the costume.
  • The most common problem when making dresses is the shoulder portion of the guide dummy. Please refer to the image below.


Skirts(BTM) Items

  • Skirt type modeling requires the use of at least three vertical wires centered on the pelvis to achieve animation of moving legs.


Footwear(SH) items

  • You can model your shoes on the provided SH_Guide modeling.
  • The white color area is covered by feet or socks, so make sure it doesn't come out of the shoe modeling.



UV mapping & Texturing


Once the modeling work is done, start the UV map work before rigging.

Based on the Top / Outwear / Pants of the work, try to fit within the maximum 1 UV space. Exceptionally, use up to 2 UV spaces on Top and Pants combined or large objects like Dress.


[Required] Precautions with textures work

  • The image size is recommended to be 256x256 px and should be up to 512x512 px (texture files included in the template are specified as 512x512 px).
  • Please specify the output in PNG format rather than PSD format to reduce the file size.


[Required] Shader naming rules

  • In Maya, you need to name the object's shader.
  • Add "_shd" after the category code. (e.g., TOP_shd for Top costume)
  • This is a tip for easily finding the Shader Material for modeling objects in Unity.



Creating Your Item - 3D Modelers (1)

Creating Your Item - 3D Modelers (3)